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Adam Hicks

Welcome to my Site

I am a Marine Conservationist, Adventurer, and Dyslexic student in Academia.

I work in areas of marine conservation, scientific academia, and previously terrestrial ecology and conservation. I hope to develop my marine conservation skills and contacts, so please feel free to explore my site and connect!


My Principles

The main principle in my work is to try and make the biggest difference in marine conservation. I want to use my research and turn it into conservation action.

In order to effect the greatest marine conservation change, it is important to recognize economic, social, and biological factors in conservation.  This means I love community input and collaboration in anything project I am involved in.


My Identity

I am a British citizen who has benefited from living and working in different cultures, and this allows me to see the world from different angles.

I identify with my white privilege while allowing equity, diversity, and inclusion into my life and work.


I also identify with being a late-diagnosed Dyslexic in academia and recognize my own struggles as part of my journey.

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