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Adam Hicks


As part of my BIOL 420 Ocean Conservation and Sustainability course, I needed to create an online portfolio where my class assignments can be seen. 

Outlined below are all my tutorial assignments which show my commitment to not only ocean academics but also marine conservation. Assignments include:

  1. Current news item - Childrens talk on the Giant Pacific Octopus. This assignment was to create a four-minute presentation for an eight-year-old on a British Columbian (BC). 

  2. Current issue blog- British Columbian (BC) Salmon Farming. (Provided in the blog section on my website).In this assignment, I outlined the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of BC salmon farming.

  3. Canadian ocean issues- Canada’s Ocean Economy Haiku. This assignment was to create a haiku on Canada's blue economy and to prepare a blue ocean economy tweet. 

  4. Field trip 1 reflection- False Creek, Vancouver. This assignment was a reflection on the environmental changes that false creek has gone through the ages.

  5. Fisheries talk- New England Scallops success story. This assignment to find a successful commercial fishery using primary literature.

  6. Indigenous issues reflection-Painting and artists note two-eyed seeing of the world. This assignment was a reflection on current indigenous issues.

  7. Field trip 2 reflection- Gulf of Georgia Cannery, Richmond BC. This assignment was a reflection on the historical importance of the Gulf of Georgia Cannery in Richmond BC.

  8. Policy briefing- Mi'kmaw lobster fishery. This assignment was to create a policy brief on a highly focused issue, and I chose the 2020 Mi'kmaq lobster dispute.

  9. Course Reflection. This assignment was a reflection on the BIOL 420 course. 

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