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My Research

I currently research the E-Commerce trade of seahorses.

So Why Seahorses?


Seahorses are charismatic marine species that are affected by a number of marine issues including destructive fishing practices such as trawling. They are also valuable as part of the International Wildlife Trade (IWT) because of their use as curios, in the aquarium trade, and their role in traditional medicine (TM). 

Seahorses can be used as a flagship species to try and not only save the seahorses but also save the seas as well by being used as a case study species.

Please visit the Project Seahorse website to learn more about myself and my amazing colleagues (

So what does my Project involve?

My current project involves researching the parameters of the E-Commerce trade of seahorses.


I hope to understand the volumes, values, species, ports, and countries involved in the trade, as well as how legal the trade is by developing an E-Commerce Framework and a series of verification questions.

And what do I hope to get out of it?


I hope to use my master's as a stepping stone to either a marine conservation Ph.D. or to work for a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and deliver marine conservation change on an in-country level.


I believe in trying to conserve smaller and yet charismatic species and I hope Project Seahorse is the start of a great journey.

So Far in my Project Seahorse journey, I have also been a part of: 


I have spent time understanding the nature of Cambodia's fisheries and trade of Seahorses. As well as visiting the country to explore these issues on a preliminary trip, and to meet in-country partners.

I was previously a laboratory representative for Project Seahorse as well as a social representative in the IOF student committee. 


My previous work and research Additional skills and achievements

CL08 Class Licence in Great Crested Newts Survey Level 1, Certification Authority: Natural England License Number: 2016-27019-CLS-CLS.

PADI Divemaster: Adam Hicks, #420847 Malaysia Reef Check Certified, Emergency first responder certified

(Abyence)Graduate member of Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM)

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